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Sebahattin Uyanik & Associates

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About Sabo Homes

At Sabo Homes, our legacy is rooted in a fusion of construction mastery and client-centered service. For years, we've seamlessly integrated our construction expertise into real estate, crafting tailored solutions for each client. Our focus? Ensuring the best outcomes every time by combining meticulous attention to detail with a heartfelt dedication to fulfilling our clients' dreams.

"Building dreams on a solid foundation of construction expertise, while navigating the economic landscape, to handpick homes that resonate with your unique aspirations."

Sebahattin (Sabo) Uyanik

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With over 30 years of combined experience in real estate, accounting, and general contracting, my journey began with a foundation built on precision, financial insight, and hands-on construction expertise. Transitioning from accounting to general contracting provided valuable project management skills. Now, with 15 years as a licensed real estate professional, I offer clients a unique blend of financial acumen, construction knowledge, and market expertise for a holistic approach to every transaction."


At our team, exclusivity means personalized experiences crafted exclusively for you. Our dedication to tailored service ensures that your unique goals guide every step. With steadfast commitment and a legacy founded on trust, we're here to turn your real estate aspirations into achievements, serving as your trusted partners throughout the journey.


My flexibility is your advantage in the dynamic world of real estate. Adaptable to your needs and ever-changing market demands, I offer a personalized approach that molds to your schedule, preferences, and goals. Whether it's adjusting strategies, accommodating viewing times, or customizing solutions, I pride myself on being responsive and agile, ensuring that your real estate experience is not only seamless but tailored precisely to fit your unique requirements.

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